Force Majeure Webinar with Farshad Ghodoosi

Force majeure clauses are a hot topic in the post-Covid world. But how can you make more data-informed drafting and counsel decisions for your clients? Professor Farshad Ghodoosi shared his substantive research of thousands of force majeure clauses and cases during an exclusive Law Insider webinar. His insights clarify how courts treat force majeure language and help you craft better clauses.

How to Negotiate Compliance Contract Provisions

Ethics and compliance concerns pervade today’s business world. Companies worry about everything from conflicts of interest to ethics to anti-bribery. Because of their importance, it is critical that we properly address compliance in our contracts. Everyone who works with contracts needs to know what compliance provisions should say and how to negotiate them.

How to Negotiate Payment Contract Provisions

Precise and clear price and payment contract provisions are critical to the success of every commercial deals. While most attorneys and professionals have no problems drafting simple price and payment provisions, they may find themselves challenged when the terms and issues become more complex.

How to Negotiate Cybersecurity Contract Provisions

In this on-demand webinar, our host Laura Frederick speaks with Raella Dyke, Deal Support Lead, Cybersecurity Governance, Risk & Compliance at HP, and Carlyn Epstein, Corporate Counsel at The Clorox Company.

How to Negotiate a Podcasting Agreement

Ever wonder how top tech/media transactional lawyers draft and negotiate agreements? Well, this webinar is your chance to find out!

Getting More From Law Insider

Join Co-founder, Preston Clark, for this live update on the newest (and most popular) features on Law Insider.

Deconstructing Employment Agreements

Covid-19 has placed a spotlight on the employment relationship.

Training in Contract Drafting with Ken Adams

Contracts guru Ken Adams will argue that the way we write contracts is illogical and harmful to clients. He’ll map out a more optimistic and rational future, and tell you how to protect yourself and your clients today.

How to Draft Better SaaS Contracts

San Francisco based tech and IP attorney, Victor Wang, will lead us through a 60-minute discussion and Live Q&A.

Renegotiating the Right Way

Join Jeff Kelly, Complex Litigation Attorney at Shanahan Law Group, for this 60-minute session on the importance of effective renegotiation and why you may have more leverage than you think.

Breaking Contracts in a Crisis

Join Mike Whelan, Blair Jackson, Jeff Kelly, Heather Slay, and Jane Muir as we explore the very timely topic of Breaking Contracts in a Crisis.

Lawyering Remotely: A Live Panel Discussion

Join Mike Whelan, Megan Zavieh, Colin Levy, Jon Tobin and a few other surprise guests, as we explore negotiation best practices in 2020. 

Negotiating Virtually: Getting Deals Done During COVID-19

Join Mike Whelan, Megan Zavieh, Colin Levy, Jon Tobin and a few other surprise guests, as we explore negotiation best practices in 2020. 

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OpenAI's Terms of Service

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence (AI) research and deployment company that started in 2015 when Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and others formed the company and pledged more than one billion dollars. As an AI research laboratory and company, OpenAI has one of the most advanced AI language model producing human-like content. Lawyer and legal technology entrepreneur Justin MacFayden explains how OpenAI tries to use its Terms of Service to create a sharing culture, while still imposing ethical and legal limits.

Purchase Agreement from Tesla

Home solar panels are a huge business and Tesla is constantly in the news with their new solar panels and technology. In this episode of Contract Teardown, business attorney Jeffrey Pomeranz digs into Tesla’s solar panel Purchase Agreement. This is a large purchase for the homeowners and attorney Pomeranz  shows how a poorly drafted contract can get in the way of the sales cycle.