Nada Alnajafi

Nada Alnajafi

Founder @ Contract Nerds

I currently serve as Corporate Counsel for Franklin Templeton, a Fortune-500 global financial services organization. At Franklin, I am part of the buy-side Contract Review Team where I draft, review and negotiate a high-volume of commercial, technology and data privacy agreements for global clients. As someone who is passionate about legal tech, I also provide legal ops support and advocate for the modernization and automation of our contract review process. I’m proud to share that our team is known for our excellent customer service and fast response times.

Expertise: Commercial, Technology

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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The 10 Rules of Contract Redlining

Twitter's Terms of Service

Nada Alnajafi, attorney and creator of Contract Nerds, tears down Twitter’s Terms of Service Agreement. With politicians and celebrities being suspended from Twitter, Alnajafi shows the strength of Twitter’s straightforward language in their Terms of Service Agreement and their accompanying Rules and Policies. These two documents give Twitter flexibility and control of its growing social media empire. Analjafi shows what Twitter did right in the Terms of Service Agreement and why you should use these ideas when you draft a similar document.

Twitter Terms of Service

In this episode, Nada Alnajafi—lawyer and creator of Contract Nerds—tears down the Twitter terms of service.