Laboratory Help for All Types of Physician Office Laboratories

We strive to help physcians stay in compliance in today's world of coding issues, expensive instrumentation and dwindling laboratory personnel. We specialize in CLIA and COLA.

LAB PLAN and Installation…

  • What choices do I have?
  • Who can I turn to that can be trusted for these many recommendations?
  • I want my lab to be cost effective and I want to be confident that my employees are competent!
  • Will I make a profit?
  • How will I meet today’s requirement for continuing education?
  • Who can help to compile my manuals that are organized and complete??


  • Who is the best person to help me decide the BEST answer to THIS question?
  • Who will help me with the impending inspection and get my lab up to SPEED in competency?
  • How will I keep up with the many changes in CLIA rules and regulations in the fast pace lab setting?

Through our experience, commitment and expertise Physicians Office Consulting, LLC has built a relationship with our customers that we are hold dear to our heart and we are “friends” to our clients!

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